TAZ 1.0

TAZ 1.0


TAZ is a Max For Live device designed to help playback engineers and music directors with fast and flexible in-ear-monitor cues. TAZ uses locator and clip names specially designated with an asterisk to almost instantly generate synthesised speech in your Ableton Live set. Since TAZ uses the voices built into your Mac text-to-speech library, the voice and language options are only limited to the voices you have downloaded and installed on your computer. 

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There might be several reasons for making your computer say anything you want while Ableton Live is playing. Users who take advantage of a click track in live performances can benefit from extra messages for in-ear-monitoring. Think of it like a paperless set list. When the song is starting, you can tell the members of your band what song is starting and in which key. You can even give your singer a lyric reminder or prompt the band with any other music director cue that shouldn’t be heard by the audience. 


Sometimes the speech to text conversion doesn't sound quite right. You can often try alternative spellings, commas or periods to achieve variations in pronunciation.


You can load more voices by navigating to System Preferences -> Dictation and Speech -> Text to Speech. Using the dropdown menu for System Voice, select “Customize..." to add more voices.