Bus Capture 1.0

Bus Capture 1.0


Bus Capture is a processor-efficient Max for Live Audio Effect device that sits on any track, group, or master bus in Ableton and allows you to capture all audio routed through that bus.

It’s designed to allow you to quickly set up background bus recording to capture ideas while creating and songwriting but can also be used to quickly bounce down a rehearsal recording from a board mix or capture a back-up of a recording session without having to mind Ableton Live’s transport.

*** Please note that the device may have compatibility issues on Windows at the moment. I'll update this description when I'm confident that it's 100% cross-platform compatible. ***

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Bus Capture records all audio routed to a specific bus in Ableton Live to a separate audio file. The file will default to where the device is located on your hard disk but the file path can easily be changed. Simply perform a “COLLECT ALL AND SAVE” after adding it to Ableton and it will record to your Ableton Live project folder. Or use the SET button to select your own file location.

Use the OPEN button to reveal audio files recorded with Bus Capture. Each captured session will be named bus-capture with a timestamp so you can quickly locate files on your drive using your file browser.