Pause Button 1.3

Pause Button 1.3


Ableton Live's transport is designed to play from the last start point persistently. Usually it's convenient, but sometimes it would be nice to pause and continue where you left off. This is possible using SHIFT+SPACEBAR but there isn't an in-built way to do this with any mappable functions in Ableton Live. 

Pause Button solves this problem. Drop this lightweight, processor friendly MaxForLive device into any audio or midi track and once your transport is playing, you can use the button to pause and continue playback. You can also stop the transport using the spacebar and then continue playback using Pause Button. 

Map the word PAUSE on the device to midi messages or your computer keyboard for remote control. 

Version History:
1.1 - Updated interface. Added discrete play and pause midi buttons. Labeled Map Zone. Cleaned some code. 

1.0 - Have fun!

Minimum Requirements:
Ableton Live Suite (Includes MaxForLive)

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