Church Keys and Tracks With Ableton Live

Church Keys and Tracks With Ableton Live


Ableton Live is a sophisticated Digital Audio Workstation but it’s also a very powerful tool for live music performance and accompaniment track playback. It's used on the largest stages around the world and it's also used in local houses of worship everywhere. In CHURCH KEYS AND TRACKS WITH ABLETON LIVE, I'll be digging into the nuts and bolts of using Ableton on stage and sharing some of the tricks I use on a weekly basis. There's no need to bring own your own rig for this as I'll have a few demo stations set up so you have a chance to try things out in person. 

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Who is this for?

This introductory course is designed for instrumentalists and worship leaders who have a desire to enhance their band's sound using multitracks in worship and keyboard players interested in using a computer to expand their palette of sounds in a church setting.

Who is the Instructor?

In 2013, Jeff Caylor joined three others to become the first Certified Trainers in Asia for Ableton Live, a software performance tool used extensively in stage shows around the world. In 2018, he completed a 2-week training intensive in Los Angeles, California called Mastertrack and hosted by Laura Escudé, CEO of Electronic Creatives. In addition to being one of the premiere resources in Asia for live playback operation, custom rig-building and live stage performance consultancy, Jeff also serves as Senior Director of Worship and Atmosphere at Island ECC in Quarry Bay.