Do It Every Day

People who have found success at something, do it every day. I heard John Maxwell speak once and he said he does 5 things every day. Every day he reads, every day he files, every day he thinks, every day he asks questions and every day he writes. On the days he's really busy, he makes sure that he reads, files, thinks, asks questions, and writes. When he's wiped out, he only reads, files, thinks, asks questions and writes. You get the idea. Check out the rule of 5 on John Maxwell's blog here.

I make music production an everyday thing. I have a morning centering routine I work on daily. This month, I've been doing 60 burpees every day.


The latest research says it takes about 60 days to turn a daily practice into a habit. Why not make habits out of the things you love? And get really good at them at the same time. 

In January this year, I made it a goal to wake up each morning and make a 1-minute jam, away from the computer. Some days I got to it late and some days it took more time than I expected. But I did it daily. And each track became a mini-anthem for my day. In fact, I titled this one Morning Anthem. Follow me on Youtube if you want to hear more–I'll post a video soon about my computer-free workstation.

What do you do every day?

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