Introducing Analog Racks Volume 1

This demo features the Analog V Bass instrument rack.

THe Word on the Street

There seem to be posts everywhere you look online about the necessity of using 3rd party plug-ins when you get Ableton Live. It usually goes like this:

"The stock sounds that come with Ableton are just okay. You need to at least get Sylenth or Serum if you want to make something that sounds reasonably modern."

And inevitably, someone else will chime in. 

"Actually the native synths are really powerful if you know what you are doing."

And that person is usually me. Unfortunately, there seems to be a dearth of online proof to back me up.

So this whole thing sort of began as a challenge to myself. What could I really produce using just Ableton? But not just the devices most people turn to, the Operator and the Sampler device. Could I actually produce some tracks that harness the true power of Ableton's Analog synth instrument with nothing else but a few drum samples?

This demo features the Analog Tropical Flute instrument rack.

Analog Racks is Born

So I spent a few weeks and created Analog Racks 1. And then I produced a few songs to feature the sounds. All sounds from the video above were created with Ableton Analog device and a few drum samples. I made the video to highlight the Analog V Bass sound, but the Analog Pan Synth and the Analog Verby Lead will appear in Analog Racks 02. See the Soundcloud instrument demos to preview the sounds included in Analog Racks 01. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting videos like the one above that showcase these sounds and give you a better idea of what can actually be done with them. 

I hope you like Analog Racks and please let me know what you're making with them. I'd love to hear what you do with these sounds!

Analog Racks Vol. 01
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